Gill MetPak

MetPak weather station utilises Gill WindSonic ultrasonic technology,

a highly accurate barometric pressure sensor and a Rotronic Hygroclip

HC2-S3 temperature/humidity probe. The design of the MetPak allows

measurements to be as accurate as possible without influencing other

measured parameters yet provides a compact, reference quality system. The unit is especially suitable for harsh or marine environments.


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Gill MetPak Pro


MetPak Pro monitors the most essential weather parameters with the

additional ability to connect up to four external measurement devices.

The system combines a Gill WindSonic ultrasonic wind speed & direction sensor, a highly accurate barometric pressure sensor and Rotronic Hygroclip temperature/humidity probe.


MetPak Pro contains additional inputs allowing for connection of a Pt100 temperature sensor, tipping bucket rain gauge (available from Gill) and two analogue sensors (water level sensor, pyranometer, pressure sensor, soil temperature sensor etc) and is supplied with selectable Gill ASCII, NMEA, SDI-12 and Modbus outputs.


Läs produktblad (PDF).